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Given the stupendous number of figures he has sculpted in his career, the original title of this blog still applies, as it is a challenge to try and display even a decent fraction of his production indeed!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Goblinaid - they're all here!

Those of you who follow the Goblinaid facebook page will already know the details of what happened to Kev of the Goblinaid action.
You can read a summary of it all here.

All the miniatures made for the Goblinaid campaign are now available from the RalParthaEurope store.
So here's your chance to expand your Goblin collection with unique miniatures specifically made on this occasion by a variety of sculptors (including some very famous names in this hobby) AND directly support the Goblinmaster.
There's bound to be something for everyone in that lot, so buy one, two, twelve or more - for you or a goblin collector you know; this will be hobby money well spent.
And if you don't have the cash, spreading the word about those will only cost you a few moments. 8)


Gustav's Greenskins Return

Gustav kindly sent us pictures of the latest additions to his vintage greenskins army. 8)

Boar Riders

Wolf Riders and Boss

Goblins and bully

Friday, October 4, 2013

Kev Adams Interview in Anvil Magazine

Dave from http://deartonyblair.blogspot.co.uk/ kindly emailed me to let me know that he had posted a scan  of a 1994 interview of Kev on his blog, and he allowed me to put in on here too.

Thanks Dave :)