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Given the stupendous number of figures he has sculpted in his career, the original title of this blog still applies, as it is a challenge to try and display even a decent fraction of his production indeed!

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Twentieth Century Troll

From the collection of Pete Brown: "Twentieth Century Troll, which I think is the first miniature Kev ever made as a ‘test-piece’ for Citadel Miniatures way back in the 80’s. Kev painted this for me, its dated on the bottom May – 98, I can’t remember why he gave it to me, but he did, and its a measure of just what a generous person Kevin is that I can’t count the number of little gift he’s given me over the years, each of them given without the want of favours in return and like everything he does, instilled with a little ‘Essence of Kevin’.
I love the face on this, red-eyed and spotty, and the way the colours on the jumper wash into each other. "

[note: the miniature was painted by Kev but is a Perry sculpt]

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