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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kev's painting of other people's sculpts

Pete Brown: "Cowboy and Indian, Everybody knows what a fine and distinctive sculptor Kevin is, but not many people know what an accomplished painter and model maker he is. This collection of painted WW2 20mm plastics was a thing to behold… 100’s of them all skilfully and lovingly painted, I don’t think they ever saw wargames action, Kev as far as I know is not a Gamer, but his 20mms were a beautiful sight. These two minis are I think by Wargames Foundry, sculpted by Mark Copplestone, and were again a gift. The faces are the thing on these, the Indian’s particularly, is smashing, bringing a touch of humanity to tiny little lead-men."

Pete Brown: "GW Bug-bear or Gnoll or something, again painted delightfully by ya’man, but I’ve included it to point out just how generous Kev can be about other peoples work. If Kev like something, he sez so, he’s never too proud or too jealous, or stuck-up not to recognise the effort and talent of other mini makers, whether they be a Newbie or Old Master, Kev loves the work other people produce, and can recognise where they do things better or differently to him. This minis is no different, made I think by a Perry or Mr Goodwin, Kev would say, “this is good, I can’t do X or Y as well as this”.
Modest and Honest. "

Kev's painting of the Great Goblin Chariot by (one of) the Perry Twins:

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