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Monday, November 1, 2010

It's an honour to be one of Kev's friends

I remember over 20 years ago being a spotty youth working for Games Workshop...and spending a week at the Head Office...that week I first crossed paths with The Goblinmaster!

Near the old G.W. Head Office there was a pub called 'The Man in Space' a regular watering hole for the G.W. folks.

I remember counting up my change to see if I could afford a pint...when a voice piped up..."Don't worry mate, I will get you a pint!"

Several years later, I find myself working at Harlequin Miniatures alongside the now infamous Pete Brown.

Dean Edwards, the Harlequin head-honcho, informed us that Kev Adams would be visiting as he would be working on a greenskins miniature range!

Since then...over the years, myself and Kev have spent quite a lot of money together in pubs around Nottingham.

Having set my own miniature company up recently -Rhoninstorm - it's an honour to have him working with us.

But more than that...it's an honour to be one of Kev's friends.

Always a magnificent sculptor, always humble and a fantastic human being!

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